About Us


In 1973, Hughes Management, Inc. was founded in Louisville, MS. by Garry V. Hughes. Under his guidance, HMI managed apartments which he developed and built through Hughes Construction Company, Inc. Initially, HMI managed three low-income, subsidized housing properties in Mississippi. In the 40+ years since its inception, HMI has expanded its operations and manages more than 30 Traditional Apartments & Homes, Tax Credit Apartments and Homes, Rural Development Apartments, and HUD Section 8 Apartments throughout Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

Today, Mr. Chris Hughes is President of HMI and President / Owner of Hughes Construction Company Inc. HMI utilizes a wide range of experience and expertise in managing conventionally financed luxury apartments, as well as, federally subsidized properties for the low-income resident. HMI’s main objectives include professional management of the asset, maintaining the highest occupancy possible, collecting rent, and maintaining a safe environment for our residents. HMI currently manages over 3000 units, consisting of Traditional, Affordable, Rural and Subsidized communities.

Corporate Staff

Chris Hughes
President – Hughes Management, Inc.
President – Hughes Construction Company Inc.

Chris joined The Hughes Companies in 2000. He leads The Hughes Companies in the development, construction and management of multifamily
developments. He holds a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree and a Juris Doctorate Degree. Prior to joining the Hughes Companies, he was a practicing attorney. He is a founding organizer, past President and Board Member of the Mississippi Association of Affordable Housing Providers (MAAHP). He currently serves on the Governmental Affairs Committee.

Judy Phillips
Chief Financial Officer

Judy joined The Hughes Companies during its infancy in 1971. She was a part of the formation and incorporation of Hughes Management in 1972. She holds a Bachelor of Professional Accountancy Degree and worked for a CPA firm before joining The Hughes Companies. She has attended numerous conferences and meetings for both Affordable and Subsidized Apartment Communities and holds a number of certifications. She currently is serving as State Registration Coordinator for the upcoming MS SAHMA meeting in 2014.

Hughes Management – Accounting Staff

Laura Harris
Director of Accounting

Laura joined The Hughes Companies in 2011. She has over 15 years of experience in accounting from a variety of accounting management roles with Georgia-Pacific. She holds a Bachelor of Professional Accounting Degree and a Master of Business Administration Degree. She currently holds the professional designation of Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM) and serves as the Housing Credit Affairs Committee Chair for SAHMA.

Jeanette Shurden
Accounts Payable

Jeanette joined Hughes Management in 1979 and holds primary responsibilities for accounts payable and employee benefits.

Nikki Hood
Human Resources /
Payroll Coordinator

Nikki joined Hughes Management in 2015 and holds primary responsibilities for payroll and personnel administration, as well as accounts payable.

Janice Chambliss

Janice joined Hughes Management in 1996 and serves as the company’s receptionist and handles various other administrative responsibilities.

Dana Ross

Dana joined Hughes Management in 2008 and holds primary accounting responsibility for Subsidized and Affordable Apartment Communities.

Kay Ming

Kay joined Hughes Management in 2007 and assists with accounting and administrative duties.

Justin Hillhouse

Justin joined Hughes Management in 2021 and holds primary accounting responsibility for various apartment communities.

Hughes Management – Operations Staff

Britt Hamill
Director of Operations

Britt joined The Hughes Companies in 2013. He has 30+ years of commercial real estate experience, including property management and development. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Management and the professional
designations of:

Certified Apartment Manager Certified Occupancy Specialist
Specialist in Housing Credit
Housing Compliance Manager

Cindy Holmes
Regional Manager

Cindy joined Hughes Management in 2000. She supervises Subsidized Apartment Communities and serves as HUD Coordinator.

Tonya Ryals
Regional Manager

Tonya joined Hughes Management in 2014. She is responsible for tax credit properties and acts as a liaison between Hughes Management, HUD, and the property owners, as well as handling various other administrative responsibilities.

Alicia Rast
Regional Manager

Alicia joined Hughes Management in 2013 and supervises Traditional, HUD, and HUD/Tax Credit Properties.

JéR Darling
Regional Manager

JéR joined Hughes Management in 2016 and supervises the North Dakota Region.

Hattie Jordan
Regional Manager

Hattie Joined Hughes Management in 2017 and supervises HUD/Tax credit/Rural Development Communities.